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Caring Choices logo Columbia, TN
Caring Choices is a non-profit organization. We are here to help those who have an unplanned pregnancy to make informed decisions about their pregnancy. We have an adoption program and offer pregnancy counseling, free pregnancy tests, and bilingual services.

Our services are offered regardless of religious affiliation.

We offer adoption as one of the options for our clients. Clients may choose an open adoption, which means that they choose the adoptive families by looking through many profiles we have on hand. After choosing the family for their child-they can choose to meet the prospective family, as well as receive letters and pictures throughout the child's life.

We also work with families interested in adopting.

We have international adoption programs available through our Nashville office.

Pregnancy Counseling

An unplanned pregnancy can create pressure, confusion, anxiety, and a sense of urgency. Questions about what to say, whom to tell, what to do about school, medical care, living arrangements, the father of your baby, and other concerns that can seem to be overwhelming. Caring Choices' professional staff and caring volunteers are experts when it comes to helping. Their objectivity and experience can help you keep your cool and make informed choices.

Individual and group counseling for you and your parents, adoption services, and post-natal services are all available FREE of charge. If you need help with medical care or living arrangements, Caring Choices is ready to provide direct assistance and referrals. Limited material assistance such as diapers, clothes and formula are available.

If you choose adoption, Caring Choices offers the licensed adoption services of Catholic Charities of TN Inc. Placement services are offered without regard to your religious beliefs. Open adoptions are available-where you select the parents and can have an on-going relationship.

Domestic Adoptions

Caring Choices is a state-licensed adoption agency serving all races and religions. We place caucasian and minority race children as well as infants with special medical needs. We also assist with many independant placements. A sliding fee scale helps to make adoption affordable for virtually all qualified adoptive parents.

Adoption is a three step process. The first step is to submit an application. The next step is the home study, a state-mandated legal requirement in all adoption placements. Home studies are an educational process for prospective adoptive parents as well as a way to ensure adequate emotional, financial, and physical resources are in place. the last step is placement and support. For caucasian infants without special needs, the wait may be lengthy. For minority and bi-racial infants, there is often no waiting.

Information meetings are held bimonthly for inquiring families. We also offer several support groups for waiting families, as well as for those who already have received a placement. In addition we network with other agancies to provide an annual educational conference.

International Adoptions

Miilions of children and infants around the world long for a home and a family. Catholic Charities has been involved in international adoptions for many years, facilitating placements of children from Latvia, China, Russia, Bolivia, Thailand, Guatemala, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Ukraine, Romania and many other countries. We are currently licensed as a child placing agency in China which allows us to directly place children and offer more advocacy with Chinese agancies.

Our experienced staff can help guide you through the homestudy process required in the United States, various international legalities as well as helping you complete a dossier. We do not only provide homestudies, but offer after placement counseling as well. Fees vary based on country and child.

Other services include educational seminars, support groups for waiting families and families that have received placements. There are also many cultural educational opportunities for children and parents on a monthly basis.

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Caring Choices
Pregnancy Counseling & Adoptions

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Columbia, TN 38401
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Clarksville, TN 37040
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