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Caring help is just a phone call away.


        • Free Pregnancy Test
        • Information on Pregnancy Options
        • Maternity and Baby Clothes
        • Furniture and baby accessories
        • Support Groups
        • Referrals for medical care and social services
        • Post abortion counseling
        • Counseling for men and families too!
        • Abstinence Presentations

If I had only known that after my abortion...
...I might feel confused, sad, guilty, angry, betrayed, or ashamed
I would never have done it.

We all make life choices...

You can't change what you did,
but you can change how you feel.

Join our abortion support group,
we can help you-

        • Realize you are not alone in your feelings.
        • Understand why you are hurting.
        • Learn how to resolve your bad feelings.
        • Put your abortion in your past and keep it there.

We want to help you get
your life back on track.
Please contact:
"Life Choices"
Crisis Pregnancy Center
of Columbia Inc.

All inquiries are confidential and without obligation.


Health professionals dedicated to providing vital medical information for healthier lives...
and better choices.

Middle Tennessee Nurses for Health Education

We are professional health educators who dedicate our time to speak to young people regarding the medical consequences of adolescent sexual activity.

Our mission is to provide medical facts concerning pregnancy, the AIDS virus and other sexually transmitted diseases(STDs), and to give scientifically accurate information on the condom and other forms of birth control.
Our teaching approach emphasizes abstinence as a positive, realistic life-style and "secondary abstinence" as an option for those who have been sexually active.
Our presentations have been well received in public and private schools, colleges and universities, churches and other community groups!

Why Should You Be Concerned?

The consequences of adolescent sexual activity have exploded into epidemic levels of teen pregnancies, abortions, sexually transmitted diseases, infertility, and even premature death.

FACT: Every year in America, over 1 million girls become pregnant and 4 million teens are diagnosed with a new sexually transmitted disease(STD).
FACT: 56 million Americans have an incurable STD and over 20 million women are infertile due to STDs.
FACT: 25% of all the AIDS cases in Tennessee have occurred among teenagers.
FACT: Currently over 250,000 people in the U.S. have died from the HIV virus and the World Health Organization predicts that 100 million people world wide will be infected by the turn of the century.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, health educator or student, these statistics will eventually affect everyone.
Teens who are taught confusing "safer sex" messages pay dearly with their health, and sometimes, their lives.
We know that teens want to be told the truth; that is why our approach is direct and factual.
And based on the responses from student evaluations, our medically supported information provides them with sound reasons of why to say "No!" to premarital sex and "Yes!" to their future.

What Resources Are Provided?

Our presentations include up-to-date:

        • documented slides
        • dynamic videos
        • literature creatively geared to teens
        • guest speakers who have been personally touched by the many ramifications of teen sex.

A descriptive list of our many resources is available upon request.

Other services offered include an annual training workshop for anyone interested in MTNHE, a quarterly newsletter, monthly meetings, and displays for health fairs.

All of our presentations are free, however donations are greatly appreciated to offset our expenses. An annual budget summary is available upon request.

Crisis Pregnancy Center
119 Nashville Hwy Suite#102 (Northway Plaza Breezeway)
Columbia, TN 38401
Phone: 931-381-4024

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