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Ken's Pet Palace Columbia TN 38401 Fish

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We specialize in MARINELAND filtration systems and products!

For Healthier Fish, Thriving Plants, Superior Water Quality.

Perfect for Freshwater or Marine Aquariums

Compact and complete, the Eclipse top mounted system puts lighting, filtration and maintenance at your fingertips... combining simple, elegant styling with superior performance and efficiency. And Eclipse has the Marineland BIO-Wheel... undisputed leader in biological filtration.

A unique combination of beauty, precision and functionality, Eclipse requires virtually no assembly and installs in seconds. Custom light housing and filtration access panel operate independently for maximum convenience.

fish, Columbia, TN Maury County

goldfish Columbia, TN Ken Pet

Total Filtration, BIO-Wheel Efficiency

Open the convenient hinged panel to access a 3-stage system of total filtration efficiency. All water is initially filtered - mechanically and chemically - through the heavy duty, high performance Eclipse Filter Cartridge constructed of dirt-trapping polyfiber and packed with Magnum Premium Activated Carbon. Prefiltered water is then directed to the BIO-Wheel... Marineland's patented classic wet/dry biological filter. The result: crystal clean, sparkling clear water... a healthier environment for your plants and fish.

The Eclipse Filter Cartridge provides superior, high capacity mechanical and chemical filtration... screening out dirt as it removes discoloration, odor-causing waste and harmful contaminants. It contains Magnum(R) Premium Activated Carbon - the highest grade there is.

The Marineland BIO-Wheel delivers classic wet/dry biological filtration(TM)... and does it better. It's serious filtration for the aquarist who demands the best... a revolutionary advancement in wet/dry biological filtration. Because the BIO-Wheel contacts the water and air as it turns, beneficial bacteria are exposed to as much as 30,000 times more oxygen that with all types of submerged filters. More bacteria, exposed to more oxygen, work many times harder to eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrite. That means excellent water quality... and a healthier environment for plants and fish.

Ken pet palace fish goldfish

Full Spectrum, Easy-Access Lighting

Enclosed in a clear, water-protected housing, the specially selected fluorescent daylight bulb is ideal for plant growth and ornamental fish color enhancement. Hinged for easy access, it lifts effortlessly for feeding, water changes and general maintenance. The 4000k daylight bulb shines brighter and lasts longer - ensuring vibrant fish colors and healthy plant growth.

Unique Top-Of-Tank Design, Superior System Performance

In the Eclipse 3-stage filtration system, water is pumped from the aquarium through the filter cartridge and then to the patented BIO-Wheel... ensuring 100% water-to-media contact, without bypass.

Easy to install, easy to operate, the Eclipse System provides unlimited, unhindered access to the entire aquarium. Hinged light housing and filtration access panel open and close independently for maximum convenience... nothing to remove! The Eclipse easily accommodates accessories such as heaters and airline tubing and because all filtration media is inside the top mounted unit, the Eclipse has minimal rear space requirements for against-the-wall placement.

* Hinged Light Housing opens effortlessly for easy feeding and maintenance and comes complete with convenient On/Off switch.
* Hinged Filtration Access Panel allows for quick, simple media changes.
* Custom Filter Cartridge and BIO-Wheel make setup, operation and maintenance easy. High capacity Eclipse Filter Cartridge comes preassembled and changes in seconds. The BIO-Wheel never needs replacing.
* Self Priming Pump restarts system automatically, even if power is interrupted.
* Removable Pump Module lifts out easily for cleaning and reinstalls in seconds.

fish aquarium Columbia, TN Maury County


Fits any 10"X20" aquarium frame (10 gallon or 15 "high")

Certified Flow Rate: 150 gph

18" fluorencent lamp included

fish pet aquarium Columbia


Fits any 12"x24" aquarium frame (15, 25 gallon or 20 "high")

Certified Flow Rate: 200 gph

18" fluorencent lamps (2) included

fish Columbia, TN 38401 Maury County


Fits any 12"X30" aquarium frame (29, 37 gallon or 20 "long")

Certified Flow Rage: 250 gph

24" fluorencent lamps (2) included

There are over a hundred kinds of goldfish. The common goldfish has two sets of paired fins. Goldfish have exceptionally large eyes and acute senses of smell and hearing. Goldfish have teeth in their throats which they use to crush food.
Goldfish are commonly fed dried flake or pellet food.
Goldfish usually mature in their second year but this varies with diet, water temperature, and other environmental influences. Females can produce several thousand eggs per spawning period up to several times within a few months. Goldfish eggs hatch in about 4-5 days.
Goldfish are omnivorous, meaning they feed on both plants and animals.
Goldfish will survive in water temperatures ranging from freezing to 30 degrees centegrade.
Goldfish spawn both in the spring or in the summer. Their eggs will stick to the water plants. Within a week the eggs will hatch.
Goldfish have been known to live up to an amazingly 25 years!

What size aquarium should I start with?
I recommend getting an aquarium between 20 and 55 gallons. A 10 gallon aquarium is too small. If a fish gets sick it can spread overnight in a 10 gallon. And anything over 55 gallons gets to hard to maintain. A 20 gallon high is a good one to start for a freshwater aquarium. A 55 gallon is the best to start for a saltwater aquarium.

How do I add new fish to the tank?
You add new fish in the bag from the store, just drop in the tank for about 20 minutes. Then cut open the end of the bag, and still let the bag float for about another 10-15 minutes. Then remove the bag, and your fish should adjust fine. When adding new fish, it's always safe to add alittle of Ick Guard to the tank as a preventative.

Which is better to start with, fresh or saltwater?
That's an easy one. Freshwater is the best aquarium to start with. Freshwater aquariums are easier, cheaper, and if you mess up, its easier to correct a freshwater aquarium. And saltwater aquariums are about 2 to 3 times more expensive, the fish are about 3 times the price, and you have more water tests to keep track of.

Columbia, TN Water fish Fountain

How often should I clean the aquarium? A friend breaks his/hers down every month!
You should NOT break down the aquarium every month. That kills all the good bacteria and puts stress on the fish. I recommend replacing 10%-20% of the water every two weeks, and once a month removing 25% of the water. Leave the fish in the aquarium. Remove all plastic plants, rocks (NOT the gravel), and ornaments. Soak them in a bucket, used just for the aquarium, with about a 10% bleach to 90% water solution for at least 30 minutes. Clean the inside walls and filters with a pad that's used just for the aquarium. Replace any carbon filter if used. Vacuum the gravel with an aquarium vacuum. Rinse the plastic plants, rocks, etc. off. And let air dry. Then put them back in the aquarium. Fill with de-chlorinated (and salt if used) water. And you're done.

Do fish sleep?
Yes fish sleep. Some fish actually lay on their side and sleep. As in the "Clown Loach". And some fish blow a type of bubble barrier around them as they sleep. As in the "Parrotfish". I recommend turning the lights out on an aquarium about an hour before you turn out the lights in the room. And turn on the lights in the aquarium about an hour after you turn on the lights in the room. 12 hours of aquarium light aday is more than enough.

How much should I feed my fish? That depends. Fish in the wild eat all day. If you feed to much that will cause to much ammonia in the water. If you have a "Betta" or "Goldfish" in a bowl. Feeding once every other day is fine. If you have an aquarium with good filters. Feeding one time a day is fine. The main thing to know is NOT OVER FEED. Feed just enough food that will be eaten in 2 to 3 minutes. If you see alot of food on the bottom. You overfed.

I just set-up my aquarium a week or two ago and the water is a very cloudy white color.
Its sounds like you have an ammonia bloom. This is normal for an aquarium starting out. This is deadly to the fish. But it means that the aquarium is "cycling". You must go through the bad before you get to the good. Do a water change like above. And for the first month or two don't buy any expensive fish. Its a good chance that some fish will die. It takes 1 to 3 months for a freshwater aquarium to "cycle". And it takes about 6 months for a saltwater aquarium to "cycle".

What is "pH"?
pH stands for "percentage hydrogen". The pH scale goes from 0 - 14. With pH of 7.0 being neutral. pH is the measure of "ions" in the water

Fish aquarium happy customer Columbia, TN

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Columbia, TN 38401
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