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Maury Amateur Radio Cluc

The Maury Amateur Radio Club (MARC) was originally founded in 1976 by several HAM operators in the area. Some of the members were John Alden (K4HRY), Finas Allen (W4GGM), Bill Arnett (WB4EBR), Shannon Arnett (WA4EBU), Fred Chappell (WB4WCB), Clyde Denton (K4UXK), Jim Dooley (WB4HCG), Hal Greene (W4CUQ), Melvin Hindman (WA4WGN), Dr. Clay Miller (WA4RGQ), Ernie Parker (WB4HWW), Hushel Parrish (K4WKA), Ken Riley (WA4ZYX), George Russell (WB4JCR), Charlie Spencer (WB4VXY), Tom Wade (WB4VXW), Billy Wilson (WB4ELS).

The first repeater license had the call of WR4AIX and was issued Feb.10, 1978 to Clyde Denton (K4UXK). Later the Club operated under the call of Ken Riley (WA4ZYX), then a new Club call of KF4ADU was issued in June of 1995. The repeater was operated under this call until it received the call on Jan.6, 1998 of Finas Allen (W4GGM), a founding member of the MARC, who became a silent key on Aug.28 1993.

The MARC members own and operate the W4GGM repeater which is located 2 miles south of Columbia, Tn. The repeater (new one installed on 7/8/06), operates with a transmit frequency of 147.12 mhz., and receives on 147.72 mhz with a tone of 127.3 and is open to all Amateur Radio operators.

The MARC members now own and operate another repeater on 443.175 with a tone of 100 which is also operated under the club call of W4GGM. This repeater is located at the same location as the 2 meter, and is open to all Amateur Radio operators.

Membership in the MARC is $25.00 for 1 year per family. This includes all licensed HAM family members that are currently living in the home. The membership entitles each family 1 vote on anything brought before the Club, including elections and etc. Membership dues are due each year on the month of the members entry into the Club. Money collected for membership, auctions, and etc., goes into the Club treasury to pay for repairs on repeater, equipment for emergency services, picnics, and other functions such as Field Day dinners, and etc. We would like to stress however that you DO NOT have to be a member of the MARC to use the repeater. The repeater is ALWAYS an open repeater to ALL amateur operators ! Feel free to use it anytime you are in the area. For questions on membership or anything about the MARC please contact us at anytime.

If you are HAM operator visiting the Middle Tennessee area, make sure and get on the repeater and chat with the local operators. You will always be welcome !

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Maury Amateur Radio Club
Columbia, TN 38401

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